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I am upset about how media abuse videogames. (Read 1688 times)
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I am upset about how media abuse videogames.
29. Mar 2014 at 19:52
I mean, games are wonderful things, but when a writer starts bad mouthing "Street Fighter" it feels like the whole has ended.

It is not even funny, the person is sappose to be an "African American Enthusiast", but reading his article, he sounds like another "Big lipped ( derogatorily ) N-word", from the states. Looking up his faccebook page, shows a view of him, in a big empty room, sitting with his labtop in his lap, and his picture, is literally a "big lipped, bald negro",
being cocky, about his established self. Look at me world, I am bad mouthing, probably the most famous videogame of all time, that is known throughout the entire globe, and still have arcade units, setup.

We all know how auwsome Street Fighter is, and I feel this person is trying to gain some kind of attention from the videogame community by writing this human waste.

Personally I wish he did get the attention, he justly deserves, like how Bush, and the MTA got a shoe thrown at them literally. That is how low and terrible this person is. Reviewing most his articles, everything is just the same old, same old, about racial issues. If I do say, so myself, he got the attention he deserves, being a disgusting person he is.

Honestly being American ( if he is American, which would be pretty amazing ), and being his age, I am pretty damn
sure, he known "Street FIghter" is well respected, and chances are the little bitch, probably even passes an, Street Fighter Arcade.

I just need to vent this, because it appeared on a website from NPR, a radio station that usually has nice content. Them allowing this urine trash, is just low, it is sick, and ugly, and repugnant, these scum-maggots are.

Especially this big lipped whatever, and I am sure he is proud of himself.
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