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The newspaper finally mentioned the burglary, and it all now sounds more like a bad movie. It turns out they forgot to close a window that day. Eventhough not a lot of people use the path on that side of the post office, someone obviously saw that the window was open and decided to steal the cell phones, and packages. The burglar(s) had opened a lot of packages while being at the post office but decided not to bring those along, they were thrown all over the floor, unfortunately they didn't open mine else they probably wouldn't have taken it with them either. I had a talk with the cheif of the post office today and it turns out that the place have been so incredibly unprotected, no videocamera on during the night, no alarm on the windows and obviously no room alarm. Fortunately this will be fixed within a few days from now, but still far too late in my oppinion, something like this just can't happen, or isn't allowed to happen.

So there's no clue of who did it, probably some kid who just happened to walk that way or whatever, so chances of seeing CueStick again is slim, but then again it has to be someone from the town, and it's a very small one I live in. I've asked the postal service for US$1000 in damages but sofar they've refused, of course, but we'll see... the news paper isn't far away. I have thought of contacting them to tell them how much the game is worth to me, but if the thief finds out (which I kinda wanted him too else there would be no point in telling the paper) I kinda fear he would break into my house to get more valuable stuff... my address is on the package so it should be easy to find :-/

Eventhough these days aren't exactly the best in my life. Loosing an unreleased NES game because some moron decided to break into my local post office to steal a couple of display cell phones, which will never work as there is no internal gear in display phones. But the moron also decided to take 4 package which obviously was not locked away, one of these 4 packages was mine and included the unreleased CueStick game, how sad. Today I'm actually more angry than sad, as the danish postal service and police doesn't seem to have any clue of who did it, eventhough the post office had cameras installed, and how the hell could they leave the packages not locked away?.

Well I received another NES package today containing Super Sports Challenge, well you can read more about it here.

Here's what was supposed to be a cool review of an unreleased NES game, but you'll have to just enjoy the slip filled out by a worker at the Danish post office, this is what's left of my CueStick adventure. (Yes the slip is slightly edited).

I had finally managed to get my hands on CueStick, an unreleased American Video Entertainment game. Yesterday the postal had left a note in my mailbox that they were unable to deliver a package (they have to hand it over to a person, can't just leave it on the doorstep). So I rushed home from work today, anxious to get the package, I even left work early to make it to the post office in time before they closed there.

When handing over the slip to the lady there she looked a bit on it and went to pickup the package, it took some time and she got more and more desperate before she finally returned and told me the news. The post office had a breakin last night where one or more burglars emptied a glass cabinet filled with Cell Phones, those these wouldn't work as there were nothing inside the shell. Anyway they had also stolen a lot of packages where mine obviously was among.

This means that a demo cart of CueStick I was supposed to write an article about is lost, as well as a shrikwrapped, mint condition, copy of the Maxi15 and finally a videotape with the Maxi15 infomercial is gone and are most likely never to be found again. I can honestly say this is the worst day of my life, I had been waiting for the package for months and when the sender told me, about a week ago, that it had shipped, I was in extatic, couldn't wait.

The chance of ever seeing the package again is second to none and honstly couldn't help but burst into tears when I got home from the post office, talk about bad luck, especially for a fan of unlicensed NES games like me.

For who knows what reason, root has changed my permissions to this particular folder, but not any other in the cgi-bin directory. I have no clue why this happened and have just mailed Yoshi for an answer, maybe the board was hacked, who knoWs. If this is the case however, some people tend to think they own everything and are basicly just stupid kids seeking a bit of attention by destroying fun for everyone else. More when I know something.

Because of my ignorance I had overseen serveral requests from the parodius admin, Jeremy, to clean out the yabb posts asap, so he had no other choice than to shut it down. I'm not sure yet if the board will be back, if it will there of course will be a major clean up of old messages. But that's not all, I will be making a set of rules for the board, regarding spam posts (hello Stan and Adaml) and other disturbing mails. The datase has grown out of my hands mostly because I had no time to sit down and remove all the unimportant stuff, and was not aware of the problems caused by all these posts. This means if I notice a massive flood of totall bullshit from you or any other user, you will be banned from the board without warning, this it not a threat, but please help me keep the board spam free.

Well it seems I was a bit off, quite off, the track my Dr. Franken article. I've now spoken to a guy who worked there and he was kind enough to point out a few errors as well as new details regarding Dr. Franken on the NES. The writing in a bit darker color is the corrections from the Elite worker.

I had heard, from someone not related to Elite, that they had gone out of business and their back catalogie had been bought by Activision. Firstly a correction for your web-site Elite is not dead and Activision did not buy the back catalog. It's a little complicated to explain which i won't bother doing.

A bit off topic, I also stated that Elite didn't release Joe & Mac for the Gameboy, which they in fact did (oops). Also Dr. Franken for the SNES was released in Europe, funny how I never saw a copy around here though (hmm). Joe & Mac GB was released in Europe and was a very good vesion. Dr. Franken SNES was released in Europe and the US as the 'The Adventures of Dr.Franken' It was published by Elite in Europe. I programmed it for my sins so I'm right. The US box art work is different to my European box.

Also, the Dr. Franken 2, which I think was a typo made by Total Magazine, has been confirmed to be an error. Elite never worked on Dr. Franken 2 for the NES or even SNES, only a Gameboy version was made. Dr. Franken 3 was also in development for the GB but was cancelled when the programmer left. I'm not sure if any test carts of this even exist.

So I have updated my Dr. Franken page with this information and much more. Check it out. I have also added the following unreleased games to the unreleased page: Thundercats, Space Ace, Super Trux, Hoppin' Mad and Grid Grabber, all confirmed to have been indevelopment for the NES. I have removed Night Mayor World as it was released under a different title, Kid Klown in Night Mayor World (Thanks to Chris Covell).

Oh and I just bought the GBA Kuru Kuru Kururin game, brand new, for US$3.50 :)
(Store here was obviously clearing their old GBA stock)

I've changed my Dr. Franken page a bit, it's now Dr. Franken instead of Dr. Franken 2, which I believe was a typo in the magazine, as the very same magazine (later issue) displayed the boxart for Dr. Franken I've been told. Though this was in an earlier issue I believe, so who knows, maybe Dr. Franken 2 for the NES did exist. This means though that a Dr. Franken 2 also existed for the SNES.

Anyway check out the slightly updated page here.

Europe is now well past new year, and most Europeans, except England, Sweden and Denmark (yay!), now have to get used to a new currency, the euro. The US still has a few hours left of 2001. Best wishes for the new year, may NES WORLD be much more active in 2002 than 2001 ;)