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V.2005 - 1.00LS

17 SEPTEMBER 2005 - 22:40 CET
Oh crap, has it really been this long since I updated the site, oh well here's something to entertain you while waiting for something new...

1 SEPTEMBER 2005 - 23:45 CET
An old page that mysteriously dissapeared around 1999 or 2000, but here it is again... ( read )

1 SEPTEMBER 2005 - 02:00 CET
Old news as this gadget has been in stores for some time now, and a sample has been sitting on my desk for a couple of months.

Anyway this is the Famicom SP and it is nothing more than a cheap version of the Famicom Time Machine reviewed earlier. I will make a review of this device in the near future, but I can tell you now, that this one is to be on the "avoid list".

Crap doesn't get much more crappier than this, but I'm still amazed why people bother to make stuff like this and even manage to make a buck or two off it. Well stay tuned for a review.

1 SEPTEMBER 2005 - 01:20 CET
If you've been following this thread on the NES WORLD messageboard, you might be the lucky owner of one of these babies. If you haven't been reading it, well then you're just out of luck as they're all gone by now.

Memblers of and "Strangulation Games" fame decided, back in March, to put together a compilation cart with homebrewn games, originally intended to be a Strangulation Games multicart, but Chris Covell's amazing Solar Wars was also crammed into the eprom and the title changed to "Garage Cart". A box and manual was in mind, but the idea never got anywhere and probably would've been quite expensive.

In early June the first carts were available for US$40 (+shipping). Only 24 carts were made and they were sold in no time, as a lot of people pre-orderd.

The games included on the cart are: Munchie's Attack, Hot Seat Harry and Solar Wars. A really nice collectors gem, thanks goes out to Memblers for spending his time making these carts and waiting almost forever for me to pay up :-)

1 SEPTEMBER 2005 - 00:01 CET
I never would've thought that this website would be around for 10 years, but as of today that's a fact. The beginning of it all started with a text-only fanzine, NES Journal, created by me when I was attending business college back in 1994/95. Making the fanzine was huge fun, but something was missing... pictures!. I remember trying to make a zip file with the fanzine text file and a few gif screenshots included, but the idea was quickly scrapped as it wasn't really working out the way I wanted it to - looking more like a real magazine.

Sometime during spring 1995 a co-student introduced me to HTML and an editor called HTMLed, which I still use to this day by the way, and I started "coding" some web projects that never really got off the ground though. I think it all started with a site covering SNES, NES and GB. But my archive of SNES and GB stuff, heck even NES stuf, was very limited and the site just never got anywhere.

I then bought a Sega GameGear and I of course had to make a GameGear website, the old site was deleted and I started over. Yet again the problem was material and knowledge, I only owned a few games and the system. Back then the internet wasn't nearly as informative as it is today, so there wasn't really anywhere to dig up information either, or maybe I just didn't know how to.

So just before the school summer break in 1995, the GameGear project was scrapped and a multi-system Nintendo at my web spot back then, which still exist as some link pages, hehe, like

Once back in school after the summer break, the same guy who had introduced me to HTML, talked about making a site called Binary World, I think it had to have something to do with Amiga antivirus stuff if I remember correct. So there it was, NES WORLD was born, I stole half of his site name.

Official launch date was September 1st, but the site was actually uploaded a few days earlier.

Stay tuned for more NES WORLD history once I get the about page updated :-)

1 SEPTEMBER 2005 - 00:01 CET
Once again I've, well my girlfriend and I, paid Turkey a visit, more precisely the cities Marmaris and Içmeler. The trip was great eventhough the travel agency forgot to pick us up at the hotel when we were supposed to leave for the airport, and almost missed our flight home. In fact the trip home was a disaster as I caught a nice little food poisoning on the flight, thanks to some not so fresh fish served, as well as catching a nice summer cold.

But I managed to find a few gems while visiting Turkey, I'll get back to that later though... :-)